The Prime Rib Big Band Live at Irene's Pub

Wednesday 6th September, 8:30pm

The Prime Rib Big Band Live at Irene's Pub

Wednesday 4th October 

Friday 6th October. 

An L.G.R night. Irene's Pub

The Prime Rib Big Band Live at 

Merrickville Jazz Festival, 15th October

7pm show.

Wednesday 25th October at 12pm

The Prime Rib Big Band at Southminster

Saturday 18th November

The L.G.R Band live at Irene's Pub

Saturday 9th December

'A Christmas cookout with 

The Prime Rib Big Band'.

Nicholas Arts Court Theater


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London Gentlemen Records has an elite team of executives with jobs ranging from Overseas Publicity to in house Marketing Managers and Graphic Design Consultants. This team was carefully put together to provide the best service in Artist Promotion & Representation. We also provide access to the best recording facilities available as well as having access to some of the top session musicians, composers and arrangers. Being signed to or affiliated with the London Gentleman Record label ensures Artist growth and career longevity whilst maintaining the highest quality of service throughout.

Edward Lister                                            
Chief Executive Officer                             


Thomas Queen
International Operations Director

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