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Who we are.

 London Gentleman Records has been in operation since November 2014. The label is the brainchild of Ed Lister, a professional trumpeter, composer and arranger from London, England. Ed has toured the world playing music from the age of 15 and has settled in Ottawa, Canada. After establishing himself in the Canadian music scene he saw an opportunity to start this label as a means of connecting musicians and expanding their musical horizons as well as his. The goal is to put the London Gentleman Record label across the globe.



L.G.R Artists

About Us


7 piece horn driven tribal funk group. This collective fuses raw funk with straight up soul and dance music to provide an all out party.


The newest addition to the L.G.R label. Grace Marr is as outstanding talent to watch out for.

featured songs

 Blast from the sun.


02. 'Fury' by, ERU-ERA'


03.  'Animal too', Riishi Von Rex


Blend Chuck Berry, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Bob Marley together and you get this original power trio. Blast from the sun deliver a fantastic high energy show.